Accessing VARS data

Running the VARS Query application requires the most recent version of Java.

To launch the MBARI query application click on this link:

Launch VARS Public Query

When the launcher asks where to save the application, save it in the place where you expect to use it.

Security warning

When the application is first installed, you might get a security warning that the VARS Query application "is requesting unrestricted access to your local machine and network". VARS needs this access to read and write XML query configuration files to your local disk, connect to the query server across the Internet, and save query results on your local disk. It is safe to press Start.

User information

See the MBARI data use policy for information regarding use or quality of the data accessed by this VARS Public Query.



For help with using the VARS Query, contact Video Lab administrators:
Email videolabadmin at mbari dot org, or call 831-775-1829.
For help with technical issues, contact Brian Schlining: brian at mbari dot org