Building VARS

Setting up for Development

Detailed instructions for building VARS are available in the Mercurial repository at Be sure that you have the prerequisites listed in the README installed before attempting to build VARS.

Building VARS - the short course

Check out the source from version control using Mercurial

For VCR annotations
hg clone vars-redux
For video file annotations
hg clone vars-redux 

More details on Mercurial can be found at

Build using Maven

cd vars-redux
mvn clean install -P dev		  

Run the applications

  1. The VARS applications are packaged up as a zip file...go to it.
    cd vars-redux/vars-standalone/target
  2. Extract the zip file, vars-standalone-[VERSION]
  3. In the extracted bin directory, you'll need to do the following:
    1. On Macs, Linux or Unix execute
      chmod u+x *
    2. Start the database server using derbyStart(.bat)
    3. The first time you run VARS after a build you will need to run the Knowledgebase application in order to create an administrator account. Use knowledgebase(.bat) to start it.
    4. You can launch the annotation application using annotation(.bat) and the Query application using query(.bat)
    5. When you're done you can stop the database server using derbyStop(.bat)